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Winnipeg's Premier Adult Fun Club

About Us

Winnipeg's Premiere Adult Only Club


Aquarius Bath, also known as Aquarius Men's Bath, was started several years ago as a meeting place for Winnipeg's Gay Community. In the beginning, it was a men only club, but as the laws changed, women were allowed into the club.


At first, only two nights a week were designated as coed. However demand for a third coed night grew and was added. The demand became so great that Aquarius Bath is now coed all the time.

We are open 24 hours except for Christmas Eve, Christmas and reopen Boxing Day morning.

Something for Everyone


Aquarius is proud to be a non-discriminatory fun club for discriminating adults. It does not matter your orientation, race, shape, age or pleasure, there is something for everyone.


You choose your own comfort level. If you find someone is not respecting your comfort zone, just ask the staff for assistance.

If all you want is privacy, just keep your door closed. A "no knock" policy is in effect at all times.


Aquarius Bath is affordable for all. There is a maximum time limit of 6 hours with a "no refund" policy in place to ensure that privacy and safety is maintained.


To further ensure privacy and safety, security is on site at all times. Cameras are situated in the parking areas and entrances to protect people and property. Rooms are sanitized after every use. Common areas are sanitized on a schedule or as needed. 


"No means no". Anyone not abiding by this rule will be ejected and/or banned.

Special Rooms


We have 11 special rooms, including the hot tub room, on the third floor. On the main floor there are 4 double rooms, 15 single rooms, 1 luxury double room, a dry sauna and a wet sauna. in the basement is the black light room, 3 single rooms and common play areas.